Staying updated with ArchLabs

I like arch because it is always updated but if there are changes to the theme or plugins that ArchLabs supports what is the best way to apply those updates? I am hoping there is a better solution then to monitor the bit bucket and update config files.

You can have a look at that thread , for installs, but can be used afterward;

Nope. For things like themes and that you should be getting updates through packages, any WM configs (anything in ~/) will be untouched but you can find updated versions in /etc/skel

We don’t really offer a lot of customizations and very little changes outside of the actual install process. AL just isn’t intended as a “upgrade to next release” type of install. We intend for you to take what’s given and customize/change to your liking, no need to “update” configs cause they’re your configs. If anything we plan on removing more, not adding.

As an example, I’ve been running the same install for over 3 years now without any need or want to import newer configs.


thanks for the info. I think it would be nice for some updater but I totally understand the idea.

But you get updated everytime you run pacman -Syu regardless of it being a theme or an application, unless I am missing the meaning?

What I’m getting from you, is that you want to copy AL updated stock config files from /etc/skel and then replace them with the active config files under your ~/.config/

So what you want is that your system to look as if you freshly installed ArchLabs? But have the latest look of AL (if there’s been any update) and not miss out any changes. Well… admin just said that there will rarely be anything changed regarding the looks.

But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t do what you wanted to do :'D why not make some script which deletes the specific old files under ~/.config/ after you run sudo pacman -Syu and then copy the needed files from /etc/skel into your correct ~/.config/ folders? All of that as a 1 liner. Additionally you could make it into an alias command!

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