Startup problem

Okay, using latest Archlabs, 64-bit, lighning fast, love it!

When I start Archlabs with a reboot, I have to enter my username and password, and then type “startx” each time to start the distro. I choose to enter my username and password each time, but why “startx” on a plain screen each time? Very puzzling. I’m sure it’s something I did during the install process. Can I fix this so that I don’t have to enter “startx” each time?

Many thanks.

Any errors , also might lack something on install. Display Manager, Desktop Environments etc( lightdm, gdm, etc)

Edit; Maybe this thread can help you somehow;

Sounds like you selected to not auto login during the install. If you want to start X after you log in, you’ll need to do some simple edits -

Read the section about Autostart X at login

What shell are you using?

The lines may already be there and just need to be un-commented.

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Create a profile file for your shell, this get’s sourced once by login shells so you can put commands you would otherwise type there

  • zsh ~/.zprofile
  • bash ~/.bash_profile
  • mksh ~/.profile

Whichever it is it should look like this

# run startx when logging in on tty1 and display is not already set
[ -z "$DISPLAY" ] && [ $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ] && startx

Thanks to both of you. I’ll give it a go.