SSH2 PHP extension missing

Hi guys,

maybe someone can help me getting my environment running. I used laravel in the past when I had Fedora on my notebook.

I develop a dashboard for maintaining the “unifed thred managment” systems of our customers and for this there is a php cgi from the vendor available which I need to add to my laravel project.

adding it is not the problem, but when I run composer update I got an error that php-ssh2 is missing. tried to install it from core and AUR but I can not get it into my system.

ArchLabs uses PHP 7.2. maybe anyone has an idea how to add the deps :slight_smile:

it kinda depends on where your problem lies… it could be that you need to install the ssh2 extension for php7, or it could be that your composer project needs a php wrapper for the ssh2 extension.

I’m guessing it’s the first one: you need to install the PECL ssh2 extension.
You can find a how-to here
(I haven’t tested this personally, but the howto describes the way I would do it)

If it turn out to be the second one (it still doesn’t work after you/ve successfully installed the extension), then you can try and find ssh2 projects on , like this one, for instance.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

@pitje thank you I will test the first solution tomorrow :+1:

this fixed it :slight_smile:

had to add manually to php.ini and then it works :smiley:

ah, indeed :slight_smile: adding that line is also missing in the howto…