SSD's are read only on fresh install

So for some reason both of my SSD’s are read only (I formatted both of them in ext4) they’re both mounted within the setup of archlabs, just did a fresh install once again as I thought that would fix it but to no avail.
Whilst all three of my HDD’s are still in NTFS and I can edit them as much as I want.

Any tips?
Many thanks!

It will help if you would give as much information as you can think of. What drive did you install to? What utility did you format the drives with? Etc.

You have a file permissions issue. Formatting the drive ext4 (anything other than vfat or ntfs) makes that drive/partition owned by root. Regular users will be read only. If you want to read-write as a regular user you will have make some changes to the permissions. The method can vary depending on the mount points of the drive(s) and how you intend to use them.

Where are these drives mounted, and how do you plan to use them?

External drives?


@PackRat i was thinking the same thing. AL puts you in the “users” group instead of your name/guid might be part of the culprit.