Spotify too big: Dunst config help

I have no clue what I am doing, but while searching for my solution on the inter-webs I came across a dunst config file that had a lot of comments describing what each things do but upon reading further towards the bottom there’s a command dunst -print it waits for an event to happen, in this case, I ran the command pkill dunst && dunst -print I then change the song in Spotify and it printed out the following

    appname: 'Spotify'
    summary: 'Mermaid Princess'
    body: 'nanobii - Digital Heart'
    icon: '(null)'
    raw_icon set: true
    timeout: 10000
    urgency: LOW
    transient: 0
    formatted: '<b>Now Playing</b>
Mermaid Princess
nanobii - Digital Heart'
    fg: #c0c5ce
    bg: #2b303b
    frame: #F48FB1
    id: 2
    script: (null)

I have a section for Spotify with the following in my dunst config file

    appname = Spotify
    format = "<b>Now Playing</b>\n%s\n%b"
    timeout = 10

I have no clue on what to do to make the album cover image smaller while having the text to the right of it.

here what it looks now

and heres what I want it to look like HERE

Edit: Oh and while in my last thread I was told to look for “geometry” but when changing the values around it doesn’t really affect the Spotify thing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I don’t see any option there to edit the cover size. Best place to ask will be where you found the script.

I’m on a new install with default dunst config file, I just took the snippet

      appname = Spotify

and I did the command pkill dunst && dunst -print to get the other information for the Spotify section but I didn’t see a way to resize the cover image.

is that possible?

I don’t think so. Sorry I don’t use Spotify, just Audacious player. The Arch wiki doesn’t give any hints either.

Maybe you could ask the dunst guys directly on IRC, freenode #dunst?

Actually, after reading further at their github I found this:

The second answer says to change max_icon_size, fiddle around with different values to see what happens.

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Oh that did work thanks for finding that.

Thank You :heart:

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Glad it worked :smiley:

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