Is anyone here using spectrwm???

I am trying to setup it up and finding it quite interesting. It seems to be pretty resource light as well. Anyway dotfiles, lessons-learned are all appreciated.

Not here sorry man, just dwm on my machine.

Maybe one of the wm/de hoppers such as @PackRat might be able to help?

Nice timing; installed it this afternoon:

screenshot or it didn’t happen.

I usually have it installed, but don’t use it as much since I discovered i3. And now for a shameless plug. It’s a bit out of date, but I wrote a mini spectrwm howto when VSIDO was up and running.


Was this your distro Pack?

Clone the spectrwm git repo. There are example .spectrwm.conf and .spectrwm_[LANG].conf files for key bindings (I use the .spectrwm_us.conf file), as well as some handy scripts in the Linux folder.

Read the man page. The developers are/were OpenBSD people so the man page is excellent. Tell you all you need to know. The baraction.sh script needs sysstat package installed, dstat is another package worth installing.

No it is not.

If you remember the users vastone and jedi from #!, it is their distro. I just helped with the fluxbox styles and forum. I’m actually a moderator on that forum; log in and occasionally delete some spam.

vastone actually joined the #! development team for a brief time, but got tired of the internal politics and left to develop VSIDO. No bad blood, just differences in design philosophy.

Both vastone and jedi had serious personal issues at the same time so the distro went on hiatus. Vastone was going to start up again, but the installer is broken beyond repair. I think he is working with ozitraveller (developer of Star Linux) to get the Debian live build installer working for VSIDO. If true, and successful, VSIDO will be back and built/installed similar to SharpBang.

I remember vastone. I wondered why he wasn’t on the BL forum anymore.

Its a shame that it has stalled how it has.

@PackRat have you found an elegant method for getting a taskbar/ panel to appear on all spectrwm workspaces? I can get that feature to work using tint2 & polybar with hlwm but not with spectrwm. I mention hlwm because it is, also, ewmh compliant

Not tint2, polybar, or xfce4-panel.

Spectrwm is not fully/very ewmh compliant so panels do not work very well. One issue is that spectrwm does not create a particular desktop until you switch to view it, and the desktop is destroyed when you change to a different desktop, unless there is an open window on it. Spectrwm quirks (per app settings) does not support “sticky” so there is no way to make a panel persistent across desktops.

The bar type panels (like dzen2) understand how spectrwm handles desktops and work similar to spectrwm’s native bar. I suspect lemonbar and the bars available in Arch/AUR will work like dzen2.

scrot of spectrwm with dzen2:

Simple example where conky is piped to a dzen2 bar; the dzen2 bar is configured to be only a portion of the screen width so I can still see the spectrwm desktop information in the spectrwm bar.

If you do not want to use the spectrwm bar, you can disable it in the ~/.spectrwm.conf file, but you will then need to create a region to accommodate the dzen2 bar. Otherwise, the dzen2 bar will sit above any open windows that are tiled.

Also note that the region created is the working space region where the windows will sit, not a region for the bar. For example on a 1600x900 screen, I can create a region:

screen[1]:1600x880+0+20       # width-hieght-x-y

that will leave a 20 pixel gap at the top of the screen for dzen2.

Final note - as far as conky is concerned, you can use “conky” as the bar_action command in the .spectrwm.conf file, just make sure your .conkyrc file is set up for no-X (there should be some examples in the ArchWiki for dwm and spectrwm, or maybe conky-cli). Also, I haven’t found a way to get around the .conkyrc being somewhere other than ~/.conkyrc.
The bar_action command does not like “conky -c [some location]/.conkyrc”. I have tried to quote that every which way, and couldn’t get it to work.