Sparky Linux

Latest Sparky Linux, semi-rolling release (Debian Testing) multimedia spin:

Everything worked out of the box. Never heard of Darktable before; looks interesting.

Pretty smooth Xfce desktop in the live session. Nice piece of work by Team Sparky.


Looks nice.

Yes, I am running their minimal GUI install with Openbox now and it is really very well put together. The last update of Arch suddenly bloated my memory usage, but with Sparky it is really very lean. The tweaking possibilities are vast; stability seems good. Recommended.

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I like Debian’s stability but hate the slow apt. It would be great if Debian gets a new pkg manager like pacman or xbps.

Agree. And of course using Sparky like I do now (testing enabled etc) kinda beats the idea of Debian. It is a rolling release with sometimes unstable packages (although not from the Sparky repo’s, they work well).