Sowm installation

Is sowm now included in online installation of archlabs officially?

No, it’s small and simple meaning you should build from source

This is far from a technical issue let alone a support question.

I posted this question in General ArchLabs Discussion section as I came to know about this window manager from one of the ArchLabs forum page once , so I thought since ArchLabs people were taking interest in this new window manager so may be it has been added into the online installer option of ArchLabs now . I did install it from source myself but having it from ArchLabs would be definitely something different . I wasnt asking for help or reporting any issues in this general discussion section.

No, you didn’t. I moved it to the General section. You posted in Technical Assistance. :slight_smile:

My mistake , but my question remains , will SOWM be included in the online installer?

@saleem Read the post from natemaia. He answered your question 20 DAYS AGO!

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Maybe he went over it without knowing it.

@altman That can be, but when i ask a question then i read the answers and ca. every 2nd day, some one is opening a new thread with install issues. If they would search the forum first, most of the problems can be solved immediatly. Sorry…bad day. :sunglasses:


Yep, it might be that also.

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No it won’t be. If anything I would expect Nate’s wm yaxwm to be included long before sowm.

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I would imagine a YAXWM experience would be the same as a SOWM too!, if you were floating in yax. After all how do you move stuff around in minalmalist floating WMs without using the keyboard.

Edit: feel free to roast me if I’m wrong, I’ve never used cwm or sowm in that workflow. But I’ve configured fvwm like that before. Without a title bar a floater seems kind of awkward to me.

I’ve used both. sowm causes me issues. yaxwm doesn’t. Plus I prefer the tiling to the floating.

For sure @Dobbie03

What I was getting at is a floater like sowm is just like having yax or dwm stuck in monocle mode forever without any benefit. I don’t get what these window decoration-less floaters are even good for. yax or dwm does the same thing and they can do other cool stuff too. Hope that makes sense.

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Makes total sense and is exactly why I haven’t bothered with Openbox since using i3/dwm.

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Old times man… I remember you transitioning without windecs back in the #! Days. Full circle.

Thanks , I just read it , agreed it can be installed from source and I did give it a try.

Yaxwm looks good , would be interesting to see how it goes with ArchLabs if it is added to the installer

Ratpoison is one of my favorite wm , if it ever comes into ArchLabs then I will definitely install it .

Both cwm (which I’ve used) and sowm (which I have not used) have the typical ALT + Mouse 1/3 binding to move/resize the window.

There is a point of diminishing return, isn’t there.