Some Privacy orientated search engines


@Dobbie03 , Thx bookmarked.


What!?! Not Google, not Yahoo, and certainly not Bing! Oh they wouldn’t mine your information! This has to be a conspiracy theory!

Do you love the dramatic effect? :grin:

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Been using duckduckgo for years now after researching quite a bit back then. I have to say, though, that the information provided on the website you linked is quite discomforting. I will look into it some more and if this turns out to be accurate I guess I will switch to startpage (used this as well for some time before).


Looks like Firefox will be blocking trackers by default too.

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Thanks for the post. been loyal to Duckduckgo for quite a while, switching to startpage.
P.s. thanks for creating and maintaining the best arch+openbox distro available .

Hmmm, I glad they are doing such. But, I will still use other measures as well, just in case…:thinking:

I changed over to startpage, it actually produces better search results than DDG ever did.


Got this one for now:

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I’ve been using DDG for years. I’ve used Startpage at times as well. I have always liked DDG. Always wanted to start my own searx instance. That’s in the someday list.

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Same here, had DDG for years untill I changed to the latest 2 I ve got.

Guess I used loads of them as years go by ! lol. Not as much as the distro-hopping craze I had in my beginnings on Linux!

@altman now you’re age hopping. :yum: any way I took a look at swisscow. The home desk is very busy. It’s fairly quick in its searches. I’m still evaluating.

Yep, age shows too much to my taste ! lol @sevenday4

Start to like Swisscow the more I use it.

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all these are good but differ in features.

Necrothread I know.

Been using ecosia lately, really like it;

After last nights frustrations trying to use Google for a very simple issue, I am never using it again. Gibiru, I am re-promoting you as my favourite.

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Yep, guess that ecosia s not as private related as I tought, might get back to Giburu, was with it before Ecosia.

Googles results are inaccurate and seem to be getting worse. 12 months ago you could put your left nut on a bet to say that Google will find what you are looking for…no way is it like that anymore.