Some Privacy orientated search engines



@Dobbie03 , Thx bookmarked.


What!?! Not Google, not Yahoo, and certainly not Bing! Oh they wouldn’t mine your information! This has to be a conspiracy theory!

Do you love the dramatic effect? :grin:


Been using duckduckgo for years now after researching quite a bit back then. I have to say, though, that the information provided on the website you linked is quite discomforting. I will look into it some more and if this turns out to be accurate I guess I will switch to startpage (used this as well for some time before).


Looks like Firefox will be blocking trackers by default too.


Thanks for the post. been loyal to Duckduckgo for quite a while, switching to startpage.
P.s. thanks for creating and maintaining the best arch+openbox distro available .


Hmmm, I glad they are doing such. But, I will still use other measures as well, just in case…:thinking:


I changed over to startpage, it actually produces better search results than DDG ever did.


Got this one for now:


I’ve been using DDG for years. I’ve used Startpage at times as well. I have always liked DDG. Always wanted to start my own searx instance. That’s in the someday list.


Same here, had DDG for years untill I changed to the latest 2 I ve got.

Guess I used loads of them as years go by ! lol. Not as much as the distro-hopping craze I had in my beginnings on Linux!


@altman now you’re age hopping. :yum: any way I took a look at swisscow. The home desk is very busy. It’s fairly quick in its searches. I’m still evaluating.


Yep, age shows too much to my taste ! lol @sevenday4

Start to like Swisscow the more I use it.



all these are good but differ in features.