Some basic settings questions

Hi guys,

How to enlarge:

  • the top bar/panel - red arrow
  • the font size - green arrow?


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  • height of the top bar(polybar) - search for height in the file ~/.config/polybar/master.conf (should be under [bar/master]) and edit to your liking. For further information/configuration check out the polybar wiki.

  • the font size of the menu(jgmenu) - edit or create the file ~/.config/jgmenu/jgmenurc and set the font variable to your wish. For ex: font = Ubuntu Mono 16px. For further information/configuration check out the jgmenu wiki.


Great this was the next hint I was looking for on my search for perfection, and HighDPI readability.
In the danger of hijacking this post.
How do I change the font-size for:

  • the “Exit Openbox” sub-menu
  • the NetworkManager UI
  • the “drun” Menu when hitting the Win-Key


Thanks, that was quick!
That master.conf was pretty buried, and jgmenurc was easy accessible but in line for font size there was px extension blocking any change of the size.

Love this distro, even more that the origin one!

  • “Exit Openbox” menu(oblogout) - The source code is available at /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/oblogout/ and I don’t see an option for parsing font. But there are workarounds(obviously!). As the program is basically a gtk widget, you can set the default font settings and it will reflect there too. So Mouse2 -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Font -> Default Font is your destination. But this affects all gtk widgets…sad! Time to hack the source code! The line 346 of the mentioned source file should read as: label = gtk.Label(_(name)). Insert the following in the next line: label.set_markup("<span font_desc='Andale Mono Regular 14'>%s</span>" % label.get_text()). Voila! you can change font, style, size as your heart desire.

  • Network Manger UI - which one?

  • drun(rofi) - check out the file ~/bin/rofi-gorice and you would figure it out :wink:

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@pangolin Thank you. I really like “small” communities. :wink:

As far as I can see it is networkmanager_dmenu

I don’t have much Idea of that…I use nm-applet

No worries, I will figure it out someday. Me and my XPS 13 are in a love/hate relationship.

From the networkmanager_dmenu file:

Add dmenu formatting options and default terminal if desired to

The font size is specified in the referenced config.ini


All three are rofi… Check ~/.Xresources (though there are many ways of setting it)

! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
! Rofi
! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
rofi.font: Ubuntu Mono 12
rofi.color-enabled: true
rofi.color-window: #2b303b, #2b303b, #2b303b
rofi.color-normal: #2b303b, #c0c5ce, #2b303b, #8fa1b3, #2b303b
rofi.separator-style: solid

Packrat is also correct, the Network one is handled in ~/.config/networkmanager_dmenu/config.ini

I would also suggest a read here if you’re on a hidpi display HiDPI Arch Wiki


Xft (what most use for system fonts) can use either px or pt depending on which is entered

For pt size

font = Ubuntu Mono 11

Is close to the same size as

font = Ubuntu Mono 16px

You may just need to restart jgmenu for the change to occur, but it was instant for me

Just do

pkill jgmenu

then click the menu and it’ll be refreshed

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wait we don’t have oblogout anymore?

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Nope haven’t done for a while now. Rofi Logout.

It’s still installed and set up, however the default menu uses a recent rofi logout script of mine