Some Advice

I replaced the motherboard in my old PC tonight and am experiencing some strange behaviour when turning on.

The PC starts up and shuts down twice then it boots up, nothing works outside of the cpu, gpu and cabinet fans, I can’t get any output on the screen (doesn’t matter if it is the onboard GPU or the GPU card) no USB works.

Do you guys think this could be the PSU?

Reading further, it could possibly be that the CPU is fried from the old mother board I had with the bent pins in the CPU socket.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @Dobbie03! I don’t know if it will be the same but I had a similar problem. In my case it was that the new motherboard didn’t detect the ram; I fixed it with an old ram so I could access the BIOS and change the frequency and voltage for the new one

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What manufacturer makes the mobo? It’s been ages since I built boxes, my issues when it came to not being able to post or shutting itself down basically came down to the CPU or RAM. I would pull the CMOS battery (do they still use those? Lulz) and put it back in to reset, reseat the RAM, and see - if I could still get into the BIOS - where the CPU temps were, to see if that was toasting because of the thermal paste and stuff. I always had a old PSU lying around from cannibalizing boxes, and I would just power the basics to get the mobo to post, but mostly is was the CPU temps that were shutting it down (didn’t help that I overclocked the hell out of them lulz, they were AMD, and they weren’t expensive as Intel).

Hey Guys

So I changed the PSU and same issue as before (same as when I fucked my motherboard). I’m going to purchase a new CPU as I am pretty sure that is the issue. Though I haven’t checked the RAM as I don’t have any spare sticks of DDR4.