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Hello everyone!

If you are spending time reading this post, chances are you are a newcomer to ArchLabs.
So, Welcome!

Fist and foremost, most questions / issues you may have or are experiencing can be investigated by using two major resources.

First, since ArchLabs foundation is based on Arch, you will find that a large percentage of answers and educational material will come from the Arch Wiki.

The second, will almost always provide reasonable feedback by using most search engines. Some engines will produce better results than others so a fair rule of thumb; consider the same search criteria in several engines.

The remaining links are intended to help educate the newcomer to some of the more common items that could be encountered with your installation of ArchLabs.

What’s changed in new releases of ArchLabs:

Use a search engine for an error:

  • StartPage / DuckDuckGo (For the privacy minded)
  • Google / Swisscows / Bing (For the non-privacy minded)

Use the Wiki:

Tech forums for near real-time responses to questions:

Search tech sites:

Real-time questions and answers via IRC:

Social media:

For reviews and how to videos, YouTube is a wealth of “show-me” items:

  • Chris Titus Tech
  • DistroTube
  • General YouTube search for “Linux”, “ArchLabs”, “Arch” etc.

Use the man pages:

  • Try a specific man page for an application / command
  • Try a specific command followed by --help
  • Online Man pages (

Go to the source of your WM / DE for general documentation:

Learn about / how to configure your panel / bars:

Learn about / how to configure your application launchers / menus:

Learn about various graphical Display Managers:

Learn about the common shells:


What do you use to get your issues fixed (and more)
Screen moves with when cursor touching the screen borders
Solving Potential Issues - Discussion Thread
Solving Potential Issues - Discussion Thread
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