Solving Potential Issues - Discussion Thread

Nicely done @Chris!

Dobbie Edit:

Just to keep the original thread clean, please add all discussion here in this thread.


Was wondering, Chris what about adding links for specific des or wms? Like for xfce for Example?

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I’m good with that - drop me a note as to what you feel ought to be there and I’ll take a look-see
I think what we want to do is keep in mind that while a general DE/WM is a good idea, as AL evolves, some of those WM/DE may be modded extensively - but I do get it for example, there is a general document for i3 that I can include that would be a great help.

Sure, maybe just a mention / reminder that there is some useful info on the AL start page.

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Probably good idea to add Fluxbox, Gnome and Plasma.

Or I can, either way I’m happy.

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Will do . Gimme a bit to wrap up what Im working on now.


What a fantastic guide, thanks for this.

One small point though:

The KornShell programming language has several different implementations and only the MirBSD Korn Shell is available in the official Arch repositories, the upstream home page for that is here:

The site linked in the OP is for AT&T’s original ksh93 program, which shares no code at all with mksh, and is only available from the AUR (disclaimer: I packaged it and I think it’s out of date now).

There is also an loksh (git) package, a port of OpenBSD’s KornShell implementation, which also shares no code with ksh93 and is derived from the old pdksh package with added GNU-style PS1 options and lots of bug fixes and code improvements:

Anyway, sorry for rambling, my OCD is acting up today :smiley:


Wow, that s some work in there @Chris ! Thx for that.

Edit: now the thing is to have people to read these or some of these links provided, did a little thread alike, but not much views I must say .

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This list is fantastic.


Did a bit more work on this. I wasnt real comfy adding Manjaro to the mix. It didn’t seem to flow with what I was aiming for so :slight_smile:

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Probably best idea.

I added the Reddit link.

Split off to keep original thread clean and easy to follow.


nicely done

Seems nobody mentioned this useful site.

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