[SOLVED] Zsh_history not being saved!


I’ve just installed ArchLabs, with i3-gaps+openbox for the wm part and zsh as my main shell.

The problem is: Zsh doesn’t save my command history. I looked for .zsh_history, but didn’t find it, so I created it myself, but nothing happened.

** I haven’t changed any of the defaults except for some new envVars added at the end of .zshrc only!

so when you do !! or up arrow you get nothing?

history is stored in the HISTFILE evnironment variable if set

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Do you mean it doesn’t get saved at all, or it isn’t saved after reboot?

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I have the same problem on my older laptop (with a fresher AL install) as well. I haven’t figured out how to fix it, but didn’t spend much time on it either.

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How come I haven’t thought about that! Thanks for the hint.
It wasn’t set. That is weird! I suppose the distro makers have forgotten to set it.

I solved it by adding this line export HISTFILE=$HOME/.zsh_history to my ~/.zshrc file

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