[Solved] Where is the show-desktop button from taskbar on XFCE

Hello, mates :wink:

Er, I cant find that icon/button that minimize all open windows to show the desktop, it has a folder shape. One of you could tell me its name so that I can install it, pls.

P.S.: PLEASE, forget this topic! I found the icon. Problem solved :wink:

Glad that you found it @NewKommerInLinux, just mark it as solved, maybe how you got it, might help other members in the future.

Step by step Solution:

  1. Open the Taskbar pop-up menu
  2. Add New Item
  3. In the Search Baloon search for (In my case) Mostrar Área de Trabalho (Show Desktop)

That’s it. The icon appears, u click on it et voilà. The icon is set on the taskbar :wink:

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Thx, appreciated @NewKommerInLinux

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