SOLVED Wallpaper stays when Nitrogen removed

I cannot seem to get rid of the wallpaper without just deleting the image that’s the default wallpaper. removing nitrogen doesn’t work, so i was wondering how the wallpaper is set so i can remove it?

Guess that you removed Nitrogen for nothing here, it s for veiwing/changing wallpapers, it needs to be reinstalled . Hope that the defaults wallpapers still in there after reinstall

Unless that you have Feh installed, you can also change wallpapers from it.

Go into your OpenBox Menu , (if you have it), Check for Preferences , click on Wallpaper , then Nitrogen/or Feh will appear & then choose the wallpaper that you want.

I can change wallpapers from feh fine, but the issue really is when I get a new wm/DE, it’s still placing that wallpaper, and then with ones like plasma it just breaks everything by layering it on top of everything. i can’t seem to figure out how it’s setting wallpapers in every wm

Guess that you ll have to fix it in each wm as they might interfer with one another .

Looks like plasma might work against other wm, was that after plasma was installed !

yeah; i was just trying to figure out how it’s setting the wallpaper if i’m not launching anything to set it from that new wm so i can disable it.

Oh , might have to do some experiments here.

Maybe someone will chim in & help you more with plasma.

There is a ~/.config/nitrogen folder you can delete if you have removed nitrogen. It stores the wallpaper information. That may be messing you up; I don’t remember if it’s tied to gtk.

Install from a recent iso? Check your ~/.xprofile file and remove any command that sets the wallpaper if you’re using KDE, Gnome, etc…