[SOLVED] Tmux not working on fresh install

I have a fresh machine with termite and tmux. I am getting an error that is hard to debug.

/usr/lib/Xorg.wrap: Only console users are allowed to run the X server

Is this something with the default files for openbox?

I added a default command to the tmux.config file. Archlabs is the only linux install to do this so far. But that might because other distros have some default config file.

add `set -g default-command “${SHELL}” to .tmux.conf

I’m guessing you’re using xinit?

There is an error in ~/.zprofile, it’s only supposed to be sourced by login shells but it seems recently this is causing this error when running a terminal on a fresh install, solution is to change the file to:

# automatically run startx when logging in on tty1
[ -z "$DISPLAY" ] && [ $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ] && exec startx

I’m almost positive this is the issue.

@wontruefree It’s created by the installer as otherwise we’d have to delete it for every install that doesn’t use xinit, also cause it’s a one liner.

What shell are you using?

I am using zsh.

it looks like this might have been fixed in PR #2. Thanks for following up on this and fixing it.

Not a problem, hope all works as expected now.

it works as expected now thanks!