[Solved] Stuck at creating root partition when installing after secure wipe

Hello everyone,
Today I had to reinstall ArchLabs on my laptop. I booted from the same USB drive from which I installed the operating system successfully last time, and everything went well until I had to edit partitions.

I selected “Secure Wipe Device” first so that my hard drive would be entirely clean, and now during automatic partitioning, it creates a 512 MB boot partition and 589.6 GB root partition.

The boot partition is created, but it takes forever to create the root partition. I know it’s supposed to take a lot of time to create a 589+ GB partition however the installation has been stuck on this part for over eight hours, and I don’t think it will be over anytime soon.

I hit ^C and went back to ArchLabs installer afterwards, and I noticed that that root partition was present in the device tree. So I went to mount partitions and selected the 589gb one to be the root partition. However, it is stuck at “Running: mkfs.ext4 -q /dev/sda2” as well.

Does anybody know what is wrong with the install?
Thank you in advance.

Other than there being an issue with the drive, I don’t and have never experienced this.

If you have access to a live iso containing gparted, I’d use it first to partition then format. Then simply mount while running the installer.

Don’t use secure wipe for a drive you intend to use, a simple reformat with mkfs is fine for fresh personal use.

My understanding of wipe is that it writes multiple passes of data from /dev/urandom to it in order to forcefully fill the device with garbage data thus overwriting yours, this is for people who might be selling the drive or otherwise getting rid of it and don’t want their data to be retrievable.

You’ll have to reformat the drive by first deleting all the partitions, create new ones, format as your filesystem of choice.

If these fail you may have to zero the drive using dd


For solid state drives it is possible to perform a factory reset with blkdiscard, it’s a lot faster than dd and simpler hdparm's --security-erase option.

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Nice, that’s good to know

Hi again,
Thank you very much for the suggestions. I was able to install archlabs properly this time.

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Happy you got it sorted @valachorux.


Secure wipe the cause here?

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Same, wonder how it was resolved.

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Yea I believe just a misunderstanding of what the option was for, nothing a reformat won’t fix or blkdiscard as HoaS said. Future version of the installer will clarify the purpose of this.