[SOLVED] Smooth transition effect

Hello there,

I was wondering, I had to reinstall my entire computer lately (switch to GPT, W8.1 and Archlabs installs) and, as usual, I installed i3-gaps for archlabs as my main Wm.

I’ve noticed that (in the latest iso at least), there was a smooth effect I haven’t seen before in any of my i3 setups (fedora - manjaro - archlabs). I also remember that a friend did have this on his personal arch install.

My question beeing, from where does this come from ? Is it compton related (fading ?)? I’m almost sure my friend didn’t have it.

Thanks ^^

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Yes the fade effects are provided by compton. Many other distros and people have very limited configs for compton, personally I think the fade is nice to smooth transitions when opening windows or switching workspaces. All the WM/DE we offer use the same compton config ~/.config/compton.conf in there you will find the settings.

# Fade
fading = true;
fade-delta = 7.0;
fade-in-step = 0.03;
fade-out-step = 0.028;
alpha-step = 0.06;

You could also use paranoid, a graphical compton settings manager that is included with ArchLabs, not all the settings are editable this way but the important ones are.

Hope that helps answer your question,