*SOLVED* Minimize button openbox

In the window menu you can ‘make an icon’ of the running window, but a button for this is not present. Is there a way to add this minimize button in openbox windows on AL?

If you mean to add an icon next to the Mazimize and Close window ones on the top right of window bars;
you can edit your ‘rc.xml’ file and add a capital I (eye not one) in the titlelayout line as below:


Please, please make a backup of your vital system file before editing it!! :cold_sweat:

restart Openbox



Thank you. Simple and effective.


If you’re lazy, like me :stuck_out_tongue:

This can also be achieved more easily by way of gui, using the openbox configuration manager.

Preferences --> Openbox --> Settings GUI (from left pane, select Appearance)

Bada bing Bada boom… done :wink:


Beat me to it.

Also: Settings -> Openbox Configuration Manager

if you go the jgmenu route.


I love seeing everyone working together. Awesome.

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Can’t say a graphical solution even occurred to me! :exploding_head: I really must update my skill set some day - I heard there is a new fangled thing called GUI?? :grinning:


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Compromise and use:


In your favorite terminal :monkey_face:

I wish that ^ was a link, so we could tally how many people actually try that.:grin:

LOL that’s the way to go.

I have apparently deleted my post - or the gremlin in my phone did. Any way for you to restore that Matt, if only for continuity.


Bloody phone gremlins.

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That’s how I did it. Not because I am lazy huhumm, just more convenient. Us old folks don’t have the energy we used to punch all those keys…:grin:

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Some people like geek boutique, do everything by terminal and endlessly shuffle through configs. That’s cool by me. If it’s more convenient by way of gui, I’m all over it. I didn’t spend money on our computers to sweat the small stuff for appearance sake.

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Ha ha, you’re right. Personally, I like to do things through the CLI. It’s often much faster :wink:


Don’t misunderstand, still love the terminal too and maintain my system by cli but for mundane tasks, a gui is always appreciated :grin: