[Solved] Lightdm.service problem


Last night I did a reboot and reboot hangs with “lightdm.service failed with result core-dump, code=dumped, signal=SEGV”. I have searched for similar arch-problems and the solution is to rebuild polybar!? Seems a bit drastic. Anybody here with similar problem?


Hi @womp.

That is interesting, did you update your system last night with the new 4.15.2-2 kernel when this occurred?

I am wondering that too. Did you do any modifications to your LightDM.config file?

Hi and thanks for answer!
I was very tired but I remember that it was 58 packages to update! Took a while but I was too tired to notice a kernel-update. I did notice next morning that reboot hung. Maybe a little bit too used to Arch stability!
I haven’t done any modifications to LightDM.conf.


Arch and Stability are not two words that I would usually associate together. Arch has a stable repository, but the downside of bleeding edge, is a risk to loss of stability. Things can and will break, often when you least expect. This doesn’t make Arch or ArchLABS, bad in anyway. It just means sometimes one has to execute an update/upgrade with care, make backups, or even keep multiple kernels installed, in the event, a new kernel install causes breakage.

If you cannot boot into graphical user interface, because of the hang, add the following to the kernel line in grub, so you can boot to the CLI and review logs.
Start by adding a 3, if that fails change the 3 to a 1
Example Kernel Line
linux /boot/vmlinuz-linux root=UUID=2349827349817926398 rw resume=/dev/nvme0n1p6 3

Review the Xorg log, and pacman.log. The run, journalctl -xe and review it for failed or error lines.
You can also check systemctl status and systemctl --failed
This will give you something to start with to help us further help you.


Well Arch has been stable for me. At least for the last year!
I thank everybody for interest in this problem but thanks to AvnSgt I found the problem! My nvidia graphics card is now too old for Arch and nvidia-304xx-dkms would not build with new kernel update. I run with nouveau now. Sorry to say that it is a big difference. Moving a window is a really painful experience! I have never really used nouveau before.
I guess matter is kind of solved!


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I completely understand Arch being stable for you, but in a scenario, where upon one depends on the OS in a production environment, Arch is not a typical selection. However, I am glad you were able to locate and solve the issue. Please check the solution box, on the response that helped you solved the issue, to close this thread. :grinning:


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