SOLVED Keymap problems in 2021.05.02 ISO?

I downloaded the just release ISO from 2021.05.02 and started it up in virtualbox. I can type “installer” and start the installation, but afterwards, the keymap looks to be German. I cannot operate through the installation with a foreign keymap. I tried setting the keymap with loadkeys us before starting the installer, and the same thing happened. I made it through the partitioning trying every key in order to make it through cfdisk and managed to partition the drive. The next step was to select the country for mirrors. After I selected US, the virtualbox froze solid, and I lost all control over the desktop of my host system (never has this happened before, I am running Arch with the Mate desktop). I had to get to a TTY and reboot. I have always had great success with every previous Archlabs release. Please tel me I did something wrong. :slight_smile:

After booting and getting to the prompt, type in the following:

localectl list-keymaps

Now select the key mapping you desire. After you set it, then try the installer again. I think this should do it for you.

The system is set to en_US locale with a us keyboard by default. The first menu of the installer asks to select a font size. I found that I need to Cancel that menu in order to get to the menu to select the locale. This is not clear from the instructions of the first menu to select a font size. Only by cancelling that menu am I able to proceed properly. That first menu should be fixed or removed.

I don’t use any other locale other than en_NZ but I am pretty sure it doesn’t matter what locale you use the up/down and enter button are all in the same position and have the same funtion?

All you need to do is select a font size and push enter.

I can tell you that if I cancel the font selection menu without picking anything, the installer continues with a US keymap. If I select any font size, the keymap changes to something else. None of the letter keys are correct, and the symbols are all wrong too. I have letters with umlauts, German looking characters, and different money characters.

If I do a localectl before running the installer, the locale is set to en_US.UTF-8 and the keyboard is set to us.

Something isn’t right your end. You are using it in a VB/VM right? Is there something there that could override what the Installer is setting?

Excuse my ignorance but I have never used a virtual environment.

Yes, in a virtualbox vm. I do all my installs in virtualbox. I build my own archiso based respins in virtualbox and on metal. The results are always the same for me. I test many Linux installs, many Arch based installs, and I get consistent results across the board. I used to have excellent experience with Archlabs, have done many video reviews in the past, all on virtualbox.

It’s a weird thing indeed. Any idea @natemaia?

@eznix it all works as it should here. I just fired up a USB and tested and everything is perfectly fine. This may seem like a silly question so bear with me, have there been any recent changes to VM? It’s just a really bizarre issue.

I’m assuming you cancelled and rebooted to try again?

Yes, I tried two different ISO’s and the md5sums matched with what’s on Sourceforge both times. The font size selection is not the big problem though. I cannot get past the username input screen for the last four attempts. The installer stops responding. Even more perplexing, my host desktop stops responding. I am running Arch (updated this evening) with the Mate desktop. I was forced to ctl+alt=F2 to TTY and reboot or kill the VM each time. It’s very strange, and its not happening in any other Arch based Linux install. I have installed my own respins, Calam-Arch, EndeavourOS, Arcolinux, all this weekend with no issues.

I had a friend try Archlabs this evening inside a virtualbox vm, and his install went ok. So something is definitely up at my end, I just cannt figure out what.

My friend did not use EFI inside VB, and I did. I did not test a legacy install inside virtualbox. However, I do all my installs with EFI enabled to make sure EFI works in the installer.

Okay, well so far no one else has reported any issue like this. Hopefully @natemaia may have an idea?

Here is a link to the video of exactly what is happening when I attempt to install ArchLabs in Virtualbox. I have done this many times in the past. The 05.02 refresh is the first ISO to behave this way for me.

Let me put in my two cents: I have dl’ed and installed the new iso on bare-metal. Plasma, zsh, zen kernel, everything exotic i could want. On a crappy difficult Surface Pro 4. Works like a charm. But… I know @eznix for a long time already, follow him and he knows what he’s doing, so there must be some issue there.

I’ve tried it in virtualbox and can’t seem to reproduce this. The video helped but I would’ve liked to see it in action.

I did however add an option to the installer to avoid the font size menu. Can let the installer update itself or do so manually. Really I can’t see how it’s changing the locale or keymap though it just runs setfont, feel free to check for yourself.

The problem might be caused by keys repeat in his guest vm. I didn’t watch his video until you responded. In the video, before his host was frozen, apparently enter key repeat. This may screw some dialog blocks in the code and cause abnormal behavior (wrong values, fall in a tight loop, etc).

That menu can be canceled. I also noticed that if I start the installer with “bash installer” I do not have the problem with the font size selection menu. Also, if I run the ISO in legacy mode in Virtualbox, the font selection menu works fine and proceeds to the next menu as it should.

The real problem is the apparent double Enter key that happens just after the confirmation of the country for the mirrorlist. This double Enter key tap confirms the country selection and goes through the next item, creating the user and Enter key appears to be passed again forcing the selection of a blank fields for the user creation. The install script appears to get into a loop and starts eating cpu cycles. This happens whether I use EFi or legacy in Virtualbox. As I cannot be the only person who attempts a virtualbox install, this has to be happening to others.

Which version of VM are using? I am curious why keys repeat in your guest system. I know some people experienced similar problems in version 4.x

I have Virtualbox 6.1.22 installed with the extension pack with the same version.

Maybe you should report the problem in vm forum as well. Repeated keys in the guest are absolutely unacceptable.

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@sammiev solved this by suggesting to leave the graphics controller setting on VMSVGA for the installation. All weirdness was eliminated and the installation worked perfectly. Thanks.

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LOL two in one day. Guess I should log out for the day before I break my record. :joy: