[SOLVED] JGmenu Items not updated

Hello friends

I can’t figured out how to update the jgmenu items / apps
whenever I install new apps , it didn’t show up in the jgmenu / rocket icon
but it show in my dynamic obmenu ,
I try jgmenu --help , but it dont give me any info
googling , couldnt find it yet

Thanks :slight_smile:

Press F5 to refresh.

I have updated the JGMENU(1) man page to show this.

I will add support for automatic refresh when apps added/removed and config files changed, but it’s not been the highest priority.


Jgmenu is amazing. Looking forward to the auto refresh.

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Nice work @malm couldn’t and wouldn’t replace jgmenu with the other , it is superb .
I am waiting for the next development for the auto refresh

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Auto-refresh implemented.
And v1.0 pushed.


Good work @malm.