SOLVED Installer freezes in virtualbox and takes entire host desktop to unresposive state

ArchLabs ISO is dated 2021.05.02

Second time the installer has frozen (this time right after selecting username) in virtualbox and taken the entire mate desktop of the host system down too. I have never had any Linux install freeze virtualbox. I have never had a frozen virtualbox session make the host desktop unresponsive, needing to get to a TTY and reboot in order to recover.

I am running Arch, up to date as of 30 minutes ago, with the Mate desktop. Virtualbox is 6.1.22 with the same version of the extension pack. I am using the EFI setting in virtualbox and the vboxvga video adapter, if those choices make any difference. I don’t see why they would as that is the way I set up every virtual machine.

I build my own Arch ISOs and test many other Arch based systems, and this has never happened. I have used ArchLabs with great success and pleasure in the past. This is the first ISO to exhibit this behavior. Has anyone else reported anything like this?

Here is the link to a video showing exactly what is happening when I attempt to install ArchLabs in Virtualbox.


I seen this before and what worked for most was to leave the Graphic Controller set to default, VMSVGA (usually) until the installation is completed then change it to whatever you usually use.
Good Luck


Thx for sharing @eznix .

Nice videos by the way.

Thank you. I finally got around to testing this and it solved the issues.


Glad I was able to help.