[Solved] Hplip setup gui

How to install hplip gui so I can set up my printer?
What is the command?

hp-setup, I think.

In a terminal you can try:

ls -l /usr/bin/hp*

and see if there is something obvious.

I’m going to tell you about my fight with HP (today is easier)
It was me x Multifunction HP x Antergos (3 years, when she gave a problem discarded it on time!)

  • At first
    gpasswd -a “user” lp
    gpasswd -a “user” scanner
  • Cups and Drivers (sometimes Avahi)
    pacman -S cups hplip simple-scan python-pillow
    systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd.service
    systemctl daemon-reload
    systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service

Sometimes it only works with “xsane” instead of simple-scan (hp-scan)
It was an old machine full of problems and together with mine it got worse! :joy::joy:
(the laptop was also of poor quality, I think that was it.)

After I moved to a Epson Wireless Multifunction

Sorry for the mistakes, I use the translator…

Run al-hello and skip to the step for printer setup, afterward reboot


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What @nate said.

Thanks, it’s printing. :slight_smile:

Yaaaaay! I love it when a plan comes together!