[Solved] HP LaserJet no longer access after ArchLabs upgrade

Hi all,
I had ArchLabs run reliably on an old HDD for about a year and a half with no issues. However, as the drive got full to the point that I no longer could delete old files and do the weekly updates, I wiped the drive clean and re-installed ArchLabs with the latest iso about a month ago. I know this is not an ArchLabs issue. The install went smoothly but I no longer get access to my network printer. Cups server keep coming up with “an error during the CUPS operation. Failed to connect to server”.

If anyone come across a fix for this issue, please help and best regards.

Is the cups service enabled?

CUPS/Troubleshooting on ArchWiki.

Thanks PackRat. I think so but I am not sure. There was a button in the printer setup page to activate cups service which I pushed but don’t know for sure if the CUPS service actually got activated. In the past, I used this service and CUPS automatically try to find my network printer.

It happens to me once a month or so. Running hp-setup again helps. I suppose it occurs after hplip upgrade, but I’m not sure.

Thanks, I will give that I try.


You may prefer hp-setup -i, to avoid the ugly QT interface.

Didn’t have hplip so I just installed it and ran the program. “hp-setup -i” cannot find my network printer. In the past, I ran the long term support version of ArchLabs before this re-install. I wonder if there were any majors changes relative to printing support. Furthermore, was it just that the latest versions of CUPS and / or HPLIP no longer support my very old LaserJet P1102w. Any ideas? Thanks.

Actually I’m on Arch, but this should make no difference. My printer is local, I have no experience in connecting network printers. My printer is P1102w as well, and it still works.

When it cannot find the network printer on its own, I usually find out the IP address of the printer, and provide it explicitly. That is how I get mine to work. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the reply. My family all use this wireless network printer. In the past, CUPS found it no problem. I never had to install the hplip program. Something have changed with the latest version.

I will give that a try with the hp-setup program. Thanks.

Hi all, I got my network printer to work again. Here is what I did. I did not use the hplip program because it kept giving me errors of not finding my printer.

I just reinstalled CUPS with pacman. I rebooted and this time around CUPS found my network printer. Also, it installed the needed hp printer driver and I was able to print a test page. I will mark this issue solved and thanks for all your suggestions.

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Glad that you got it fixed, looks like some updates screw things around .

Thanks altman. Things are back to normal. I never did have to use the hp program, just CUPS. Still not sure if the hp-setup procedure work in my case. Didn’t use it. Maybe someone could find the experience I got useful. Regards.

Great, have had issues a well with HP/CUPS on the last updates on BL as well, it sucks when it happens !