[Solved] How to set the default printer

how can I set a default printer? In the preferences this doesn’t seem to be possible.

Hi @mipimipi, have you looked at this wiki?

Printing trouble shooting

And what is your printer config manager?

Also what is the make and model of your printer?

@sevenday4 Thanks. But the printer is already installed (it’s a HP Officejet Pro 8600). I only need to make it the default printer of my system (instead of printing into a document by default). In the OpenBox menue I looked under Preferences in the XFCE4 settings manager, but there was no possibility to set the default printer.

Maybe do this:
go to system>administration>printing and in printer tab "set as default" and if you haven't already, make sure that you have "system-config-printer" installed for this.

If you’re using cups, you can use the cups web interface to manage printers.

Put this in the address bar of the browser:


That will bring up the cups interface. You can manage all your printers from there.
Administration -> Manage Printers -> Select the printer you want as default.

Under the Administration menu you will find “Set as Server Default”


@sevenday4, @PackRat: Thanks that did it :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I always do on every distro I use. The web interface to cups is great.