[solved] How to remove openbox bar when I am in an i3 session

Hi guys,

When i started a i3 session for the first time, it asked me about which bar I would like to use. I checked both the i3 bar and the open box bar. Now I want to not use the open box bar when I am in an i3 session, where can I go to do that?


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Nevermind, I found the session files for polybar.

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You can also use al-polyzen it was what opened before asking which bar

Note it just searches for all bars in ~/.config/polybar/ so any configs dropped in here containing a bar will get populated into the list.

The sessionfiles are written to by al-polyzen when changing bars, they also just keep things simplified to load different bars based on which WM is in use

Sorry I realize it’s a little late


Thanks ! I will use that now.

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