[SOLVED]How to disable auto-login on tty1

Hello there, i’m new here, installed the distro 3 hours ago and loved it so far. But i’m not using a display manager, i login on tty and start a xorg session by startx, but in this distro i can’t make it because it’s logging automaticly and i don’t know how to disable it. I deleted /etc/systemd/system/autologin.conf and /etc/systemd/system/autologin@tty1now it is not auto-logging but as soon as i type my password it auto starts xorg session. How can i prevent this behaviour?

Check to see if you have “~/.xinitrc”.

If you have lightdm, then check:

You need to edit the ~/.zprofile file and comment out the line that autostarts the x-session:

# automatically run startx when logging in on tty1
 # [[ -z $DISPLAY && $XDG_VTNR -eq 1 ]] && exec startx -- vt1 &>/dev/null

it worked. thank you so much!

Check the correct option for the people to know… :grin:

Hi, I commented this out, but it still logs me into my shell tty1. Is it possible to have it stop and prompt me for username and pwd? BTW I am running Archlabs most current with both i3 and Openbox. I also do not use a graphical login manager. TIA.

You have to make some edits to the systemd services.

I’m pretty sure ArchLabs is using this method -

I’m not sure of the elegant way to stop that service, so hopefully someone more versed in Arch will chime in.

I don’t know if this was the proper method but after reading the wiki, I disabled the autologin file. When I rebooted the system hung at ([ OK ] Reached target Graphical User Interface) I was able to tty2 and log in from there. I then enabled (sudo systemctl enable getty@tty1.service) rebooted and was presented with the login prompt. Thanks!

You want to remove the override (as root)

rm -r /etc/systemd/system/getty@tty1.service.d

This will place you at console after booting where you can enter username and password to login, then either enter startx or use the automated bit in ~/.zprofile


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Awesome. Thanks!

Thanks for this works just fine. Wrong login option when installing AL. Fixed