[solved] How can I install an ArchLabs configured de/wm, post install?


What would be the correct way to install any ArchLabs configured de/wm, after I have already installed the entire system? For example the cinnamon desktop or i3. I just prefer them to be AL riced/configured.

I was searching the forums, and I found that there used to exist something called al-hello which I saw in action in a YT video (i thought it was really cool), I know it doesn’t exist these days. What to do :stuck_out_tongue:?


Should be in the skels packages , but can t find it real quick, just search for it.

Guess it s AL-Hello script that you want.


^ This.

For example:

pacman -S archlabs-skel-i3-gaps
rsync -rlb --suffix=".bak" --safe-links /etc/skel/ ~

The second command copies over the contents of /etc/skel/ to your home directory and creates backups of any files already there (with the .bak suffix added) so that you can restore any post-installation configuration changes. Be sure to run the second command as your normal user though.

There are skel packages for awesome, bspwm, fluxbox, i3-gaps, openbox & xfce4.


Oh I didn’t realize you can do that with pacman (of course now I see it “archlabs_repo” in pacman.conf)!

Before your reply I accidentally wrote yay archlabs and what I saw - got me thinking. The problem though was, that I wasn’t completely aware of them being placed into /etc/skel after installing it (given my noobishness, it would of taken me maybe another 1-24h to figure out XD) but usually this is the game for me!

Got this to work, thank you so much :slight_smile: learning a new thing every day. Now this is an useful ArchLabs specific thing to know about!

This was my “discovery” before I stopped :sweat_smile:, and came back here to read your reply: