[solved] How can I access windows network computers from my arch system?

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When I first tried out AL, I installed multiple DE’s (all at once) like i3, gnome, cinnamon, xfce4, openbox, plasma. Just to try them out, it was such a soup though!

For some reason during this test period, I could see and access windows network. So I am assuming installing one of these desktops, brought this kind of configuration into my system to be able to browse windows network. But which?

I am only interested in running openbox, but I just wish to access windows network directly from my file manager. Without having to go through installing samba and having to do all that from archwiki (I have done that in the past though, and from my experience it was very troublesome to configure).

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I kind of want it to work out of the box, just like it works on Ubuntu - without having to configure anything.


Ok I think I figured it out, this is precisely what I wanted to achieve :slight_smile:

The result:

  1. sudo pacman -S gvfs-smb
  2. reboot

This was the only package which was required, no configuration was needed :slight_smile:

Just a note: Your windows user needs to have a password! To be able to access it from samba!


Nice work in there @Sorcerer

Found it again, can be useful to other member as well.

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