[SOLVED] Damn machine doesn't boot

Took Ryzen’s stock cooler out and put Scythe Mugen in, now the goddamn machine doesn’t start at all. #€!&#!*%#!! One fine Friday… My ADD brain is so overloaded. :nauseated_face:

I know what am I doing tomorrow… :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’m going to take everything out, check CPUs pins at least. Oh my… Really hope it’s ok. I think I put too much thermal paste anyway, but that’s not fatal I hope. Well, might be the PSU also, but who knows. It’s 5-6 years old Be Quiet.

Just a little desperate rant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah ha, i got it after all. Beginner’s mistake really, i’m a little ashamed… Put power sw cable in the wrong place. And i was so sure about it. :grinning:

Btw, Scythe Mugen is SO MUCH better than the stock Prism. Temps are significantly lower, especially under a hard stress. In every day stuff, web browsing etc, they’re maybe about 15 degrees lower. And it’s soooooo quiet all the time. I’m happy i spent about 50 euros on it.


Glad that you got it fixed, could put this thread onto the General Help section I guess.

Anyways, we all make mistakes somehow ! lol

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Please mark it as solved .

Edit: Bet that you ll like that it s working colder.

This was basically just my own little tired rant though, not really ask for help, but marked it as solved now anyway.

Oh yes. And i really like that it’s so quiet too. I stressed it with Handbrake and even in the encoding phase it was surprisingly quiet. The difference with Wraith Prism is big.

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Well 2 in 1 right ! , might help last longer, heat s an enemy !

Sometimes it s just in our face & we don t see it at 1st, lol.