[Solved]Can't install archlabs(no connection)


Trying to install archlabs on my labtop. It says no connection. However I am able to ping before running installer the internet is working, but archlabs say no connection. Is there a way around this? any help would be great thanks!:wink:

The installer requires active internet connection | Updating to 2019.01

If you have a connection then you should be fine to keep going with installer, ie you are able to ping before running the installer. But a little more info on the archlabs says “no connection” might help.

something like…

netstat -ie


can you ping both www.google.com AND It might be a DNS issue.


enter nm-tui before you start the installer and connect, are you on wifi or ethernet?


It’s nmtui (no dash between) or nmtui-connect and the installer will open it if you aren’t connected…

The installer does the following to verify connection.

curl -sIN 'https://www.archlinux.org/' | sed 1q | grep 200

Note we don’t care about Google or other sites, if you can’t reach archlinux.org with a 200 OK response then you won’t be able to install.


Ah yes apologies. I blame the head cold. Don’t sneeze and post.


thanks everyone for the help!
its working now

bit more info of what was happening.
I was able to ping all websites before running the installer. When I ran the installer it would check connection and kick me to nmtui to select my connection after selecting my connection Ethernet, it would say no connection no matter what including rebooting. I am using cloudflare for dns. Not really sure why but its working now.

So I ran nmtui before the installer then ran archlabs-installer and it works now thanks!:hugs: