[Solved] Can't connect to ethernet during install "No ipv6 routers available"

Hi, I am having trouble installing since I can’t connect to internet. Running dhcpcd won’t help and stops with the “No ipv6 routers available”. If I open the install script same thing it can’t connect.

Yes I have internet, cable is inserted properly too and connected to my router

Here is what I tried

What to do? I only have my tablet, this pc with no OS on it and my archlabs thumbdrive :smile:

# dhcpcd --waitip=4

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I didn’t have an keyboard to type earlier :smile: but basically the whole problem was caused from my router, and it had to do with the lease ip.

What actually happened: I installed ArchLabs, chose Zen-Kernel (but there’s some extra steps which need to be done to get it to work) booted and it didn’t work, at the time I didn’t have access to my old notes on the /home drive. So I just thought I’ll reinstall, no problem. Somehow I managed to get into problems again when booting up, and I reinstalled 3rd time.

And suddenly I didn’t get a new IP from my router anylonger, so what I did was reset my router to factory settings and got a new IP.

The router in question is an RUTx12, it feels more “techy” to me than I’m used to handle but it does work well! Apparently there is a command you can run in the router to release all leased ips :)) but I couldn’t get that to work and I was hurrying with the install.

Problem is gone now, but apparently this is an possibility to happen during an install! (Pardon me, I haven’t used Linux for around a year xD so I need to remind the stuff again)

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Glad that you fixed it @Sorcerer .

It s weird that one has to reboot a router in order to have access to your ip, but it might be the mysteries of the internet or computing.