[Solved] Can't configure lock screen wallpaper

Hello everyone thanks for reading .
the problem is I can’t configure lock screen wallpaper , i used slim but still i don’t think it will work with this distro , so is there any method to change it.

@Dobbie03 sorry to tag you but can you help ?

Lock screen is i3fancy. It uses your current wallpaper.

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I checked but I’m talking about the lock screen when you exit Openbox

I’m getting confused here, is this oblogout shown below or something else?

i am talking about changing the wallpaper for the first login screen to the distro when you turn it on

okay got ya. Your wallpaper will need to be placed in /usr/share/backgrounds.

Use lightdm-settings from the AUR to change the wallpaper.

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This wont work as far as I know

@redaadaou Do the following

sudo $EDITOR /etc/lightdm/pantheon-greeter.conf

Its a tiny file, one line has a setting for background
also settings for a few other things, hope that helps



yes it didn’t work even though it looks pretty ,yet it didn’t work, But still thank you for helping me know some of the stuff

thank you, il check it out