[solved]Bspwm tilting modes

Ok so, bspwm arranges windows in this way by default:


But how to make this?:


I did not find any bspwm forum so I thought that I can ask here :expressionless:

I’m fairly sure it can be done but it will be a bit messy due to the way bspwm handles clients, it’s in the name binary space partitioning window manager, this is just fancy for “It’s a tree of branches with only two forks”.

This is why it tiles the way it does, each parent window can only have two children leaving you with the screen being divided in half each time, you can resize the window but under the hood the tree is still the same and your layout will be lopsided.

I think you would be better off going with a tiler that has a master/stack layout like you show above, I use dwm but you’ll have to patch it to get a right side master like this, there is also qtile, awesome, and xmonad for other tilers with master/stack layouts.

You could make a go of it with scripts and configuration of bspwm however I can’t help with that sorry, I don’t use it.

The bspwm project readme provides better insight with some diagrams explaining what I mean above.

Also the manpage has lots of info.

Hope that helps, cheers

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I believe they still use the Arch Linux bspwm thread as their forum.

Someone may have accomplished what you’re trying to do, but I’m sure nate is correct and it will require a bunch of scripting using bspc commands.

I think you would be better off going with a tiler that has a master/stack layout like you show above,

This is probably your best bet - spectrwm can have that default setting with one simple edit to the spectrwm.conf file - vertical flip layout:


can also add gaps if you want them.

Awesome and Xmonad also have it as a default layout option.

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Use sxhkd to pre-select the desired direction of the split:


True; it can be done manually, which would only add an extra step before launching the application.

Thank you very much! Didnt know how that work lol

@PackRat Yea, but as I read, they are like “this is only pure archlinux forum, no other similar-arch like”. Anyway @Head_on_a_Stick helped me.