[SOLVED] Brightness control not working

  Hi! My brightness control using function keys was working in live environment but after installing it's not working, but other things like volume control is working fine.
   so what should i do to make the keys work again and what alternative program can i use if the keys dont work? thanks.

What model of laptop are you using?

I have a Toshiba Sattellite with this problem. I could never get the brightness keys to work until I installed one of the DE power managers - I went with the mate-power-manager since it had a smaller memory footprint than xfce-power-manager.

So that would be an alternative program solution if nothing else works for you.

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Thank you, the xfce4-power-manager worked and now i can change brightness through the statusbar icon. I have a Dell Vostro btw.

Please mark your thread as solved.

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