(Solved) Booting Arch Labs from GRUB

Hi there! Some of you may know me from the Bunsen Labs forum, where I post under the same name (without the long dash between).

I’ve recently installed CrunchBang++, which is based on Debian, on my hard drive and then found I could no longer boot ArchLabs from GRUB - GRUB won’t recognise the kernel (I chose Zen when I installed ArchLabs, maybe I should have chosen the LTS one instead).

The error message I get is;

Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)

Is there a straightforward way of fixing this please?

Thanks in advance,

CP .


I had the same issue dual-booting BunsenLabs and ArchLabs. You will need to use your AL install media and chroot into your ArchLabs install and reinstall grub. I think the issue is the version of grub on BL and certainly CB is too old.

You will also want to make ArchLabs the default and use it’s version of grub to boot both distros.

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You meant CB++?

Yes. Is there a way of editing posts here?

Thanks! Will do.

Do you have a pen option bellow your post ! It s the 3rd from left. If so just click on it & edit your post, if not just writhe what you want edited & we ll do it for you @Colonel_Panic .

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Thanks! I saw a pen this time and edited the post in question.

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Glad it worked !

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I cheated in the end; I booted up an AntiX live disk and used the Boot Repair utility from that to reinstall and reconfigure Grub (result - success). I’ll learn how to do it the Arch way some other time.

Thanks to everyone who’s replied anyway.


That s some great news @Colonel_Panic ,you fixed it yourself, please mark it as solved.

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Take a look at the boot repair utility. Would not surprise me if it’s an interactive script to chroot in and fix the sysyem.


Also think that this can be of any help concerning Grub issues ;



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