[solved] Archlabs logo overlay on geany

This logo displays over the geany application every time I open it in i3. Is there some way to disable it?
It goes away by going to a different workspace and them coming back, but it displays at startup.

This is my first post so I apologize if the format is incorrect or I am in the wrong thread.

Are you running some kind of conky config to display the logo?

No. Or at least I don’t think so. I don’t have conky to autostart on i3.

I don’t believe so. This logo appears but is not interactive. It goes away by switching over to another workspace

So weird, try a different colour scheme, see if it persists. I don’t use i3 so I can’t really help here.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times. I can’t tell from the screenshot, but are you using the built-in terminal with geany? I think that is the artwork for neofetch. The geany terminal sources the config file for your she’ll so it’s running neifetch by default.

I can verify it when I have access to ArchLabs later, but you can try commenting out the beofetch lines in your .zshrc and .bashrc files to see if that fixes it.

Edit - uncommented the neofetch line in ~/.bashrc (the default shell for the geany terminal is bash, not the user’s shell for termite, urxvt etc …) and get the image; you can see neofetch ran:

The neofetch image doesn’t always show in geany.

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That was the issue! I commented out the noefetch line in by bashrc and it stopped showing up. Strange it only happened in i3, but either way its fixed now. Thank you!