[SOLVED] Add conky Manually

How do I add conky manually ?
Conky chooser didnt show my manually added conky
in other distro , I just add .conky folder and they works , how could I do it with archlabs ?

any help would be appreciated , thanks

put .conkyrc files or folders containing multiple .conkyrc files inside ~/.config/conky folder


Thanks @pangolin , some conky wont show , some just okay , I wonder why , maybe something wrong with the conkyrc ,

Now , How do I add it to autostart ?

Just go ahead and throw the command you want in at .config/openbox/autostart

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al-conky-session &


Thanks @TheJameyBear :slight_smile:

I will try it @pangolin

What is the file name?

If the extension is not .conky or .conkyrc then it wont pick it up

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@nate yeah I just realized hehe , this great distro comes up with the new conky 1.10 which has new configuration , old config wont work


Ahh I see, my mistake

If you know a little about conky, porting older configs isn’t too hard
only minor rewriting is neccesary as most syntax still works fine

Appreciate you updating the title anyway

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@Dobbie03 Sorry if I place this post on wrong category , should it be Technical than artwork ? could you move this post to appropriate category ? thanks anyway

@nate yeah nate , I find also convert.lua feature in 1.10 , that conversion works fine . Old config just fine

Awesome stuff, I didnt even know there was an auto converter, nice find

Don’t worry too much, I just moved it to Basic Help & Support


thanks for moving this post category nate , appreciate it :slight_smile:

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