[Solved] ABIF installer unable to format partition

I am trying to install archlabs on sda2 partition, which currently has suse installed on it, and is formatted to ext4. However, when I select sda2 for mounting root, and OK the question to format it (to ext4), it says “exited abnormally, found DOS partitition” etc. Tried it multiple times. Can anyone help?


Hi,I throw it there, try to format it with gparted before starting the installer.


Thanks man! I did just that, and then the installer went through smoothly, and did it ever. I have been a linux user for over 10 years, and I think this was the best install experience ever. ABIF rocks! The choices it gives you during install might not be for the absolute beginner, but for someone with a few years experience w/ Linux, they are a dream. Wonderful job guys, will keep updating w/ my experience. Just a minor nitpick: during install, the dialogue that asks for wifi pwd should rather have “done” than “quit” since the latter can be confusing, as if it were going to quit the install process altogether.


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