Solus OS


Has anyone tried this Linux From Scratch OS? I have been running it since my distro hopping days from Debian to Ubuntu and others. I believe the Openbox and Polybar setup in ArchLabs can give it a different way of enjoying linux.


Solus? Yeah I’ve got that installed with the Budgie desktop.

Very solid & enjoyable to use. Next time I load it up I’ll post a scrot.


Okay … Here ya go!


Hang on…I’m confused…Linux from Scratch or Solus? The two are completely different Distros.


Tried Solus a couple of times. All of the times ended up with me getting a black screen upon booting after doing a complete update on the system after installation. :confused:

Or maybe it was after a certain part got updated. Either way, black screen. lol


Solus is from Scratch based on no other distro


Here’s one of mine before I got Arched into the Lab


Nice install @andril