So... JGMenu Text color? Empty Tray?

Does anyone have a reference for JGMenu config options?

I’ve played around a bit, but I’m trying to change the text color and
color_menu_fg = #DCDCDC 100
I thought it was this line, but I changed it to DCDCDC for a faded white… and nothing… I can’t event tell what I changed to be honest.

I tried searching for a document explaining the different options and their values but didn’t have much luck.

Also, there’s an empty tray/menu that appears when I hit alt-tab without getting out of the menu first… how can I populate this? I’d like to maybe put my 5 most used shortcuts there. I mean I have plank, but redundancy is nice when you’re a newb like me. Or maybe some useful terminal commands? Anyone have any ideas?

@Xase, for the changes to show in jgmenu you need to “killall jgmenu”. Reopen your jgmenu and it should have taken effect.

I did not know that the alt-tab tray thing existed. You can put your favourites in the top part of the menu by editing the prepend.csv in the ~/.config/ jgmenu/ folder.

Maybe @malm can explain further on the alt-tab tray?

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Yeah, it happens when I hit alt-grave too… Not sure. It just says <empty>

Also, I thought color_menu_fg was for text, but it was color_norm_fg
So what’s color_menu_fg for? and what’s color_norm_bg for?

Didn’t think to kill the menu, but that’s faster than logging out :o:

Alt-grave for me shows all the installed apps in a one page menu.

Color_menu_fg is for the text colour. Not sure what color)norm_bg is.

=/ Hmm? It didn’t change until I changed color_norm_fg… weird

I trust ya though… maybe some hybrid effect?

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Possibly not sure to be honest. We need @malm to explain for us :smiley:

Then we shall wait for the wisdom of @malm Maybe the menu I’m accessing is the one you’re describing, just not working for me properly. =O I had another issue in it when I first install. I installed Krita and it put like 13 copies under Office as well as one under graphics. Which I thought was really weird. But instead of battling it just yet, I uninstalled Krita so it wouldn’t annoy me.

The one thing I like about Linux, is most anything can be fixed. “Windows? Reboot; Linux? Be Root.”

So I’ll eventually nail all the little things down.

This is a small hindrance, but I want to be able to understand exactly what I’m changing

Jgmenu is well documented by the creator regarding most everything you can do


:open_mouth: I am bad at searching. I guess looking in their wiki wasn’t the right move. When I found nothing I gave up looking at the github. Thanks for not yelling at me :open_mouth: My bad :frowning:


Quick response as on phone.

man jgmenu

for config option. Updated colour descriptions just before release of v1.0
Admission time… color_menu_fg never did anything :slight_smile: I only realised when updating man page. Removed option on 5 Jun.

jgmenu now detects config changes and added/removed apps, so no need to restart/kill.

jgmenu does not filter out duplicates. Could easily add.
If you paste output of

jgmenu_run pmenu

I’ll try to understand what’s going on with the duplicates.

Most keys (except arrows etc) just trigger the filter.
Alt and Ctrl are currently ignored.
So pressing tab just invokes a search for items with tab in them (I.e. most likely none).

Intend to add regex functionality and more fields for enhanced search.

Intend to reserve tab for use with widgets.

Best is still to come :smile:

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I reinstalled Krita and problem still persists

@malm as requested here is the output of that command

I thought about widgets in the tray, but I figured that was outside the current scope of the program :octopus:

I can see where the multiples come from. But I don’t understand why Krita has so many different start options
So it’s not JGMenu’s fault. Just weird app behavior on Krita’s part.

Yes! This Krita thing is annoying. So one of the maintainers says the files are there to make:

it possible for plugins to extend Krita with additional file format support. Those plugins come with a desktop file that tell the desktop that krita can load those file types. Of course Krita’s main desktop file cannot have the full list of supported file types, because that’s implemented by plugins. Most of those plugins are shipped with Krita.

He also said the files have a standard tag that’s not being used by menus and GUIs. "They have a “NoDisplay=true” line which means that you shouldn’t display them in your gui. See: which says "NoDisplay means “this application exists, but don’t display it in the menus.’”

I found all this here.

So how do we hide those icons in the mean time?

Okay. I’ll try to sort.

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No worries. I just wanted to pass along what I found. The menu is downright amazing, btw!

@Xase and @sikkdays

I’ve fixed the issue with multiple krita entries in the pmenu module (commit 33abf6b1)

Thanks for finding the mate-menu issue - that made the fix easy to impelement.

Are you okay if I leave up-versioning for a few weeks. I released v1.3 yesterday; Arch, BunsenLabs and Mageia all upgrades their packages within hours and I prefer not to mess around the package maintainers if I can avoid it.

You could either manually update the two lines in /usr/lib/jgmenu/
or just download the file from the gihub repo


So did Void.

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