So it begins with MS

Doesn t surprises me at all sadly.

Apparently this is optional. I hope it is disabled by default.

Might be enabled by default knowing their tactics.

As I stated, to someone I know, if you can t beat them buy them.

This is supposedly so MS knows who is using the Azure framework as a paying customer or as a pirate (aye me matey).

Not sure how many Linux users use Azure?

Microsoft prefer the term, The Three E’s



Never used it, & make shure I ll never use it !

Yep , part of the plan.

The world has seen in hundreds of times with big companies buying up little companies for complete control. What on earth was going through the Linux Foundations heads when they invited MS? Was it $$$$$$?

One day our OS’s are going to be like our browsers, if its not Chromium based then all that is left is Firefox. If they aren’t MS based then it will be Apple.

Yep, money talks sadly.

Awesome, it is like legalized the hacking.
go back to grub or for you what is the best alternative to systemd ?

Runit or OpenRC.

I quite like Systemd, I find it easy to use when required. It’s going to take more than this though for me not to use Systemd

So true. Thanks for sharing this news.

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I suspect it will be the opposite. It will be one of those deals where a user has to opt out. If it’s like Windows 10, you’ll need to purchase the upgrade to the “pro” version.

Well the container space has had security concernes before. Guess this will take their minds off of the C-virus for a little bit. Yeah it’s stupid IMO.

Does anybody in this thread actually use systemd containers? The change is completely irrelevant otherwise.

And Microsoft have been Platinum members of the Linux Foundation since 2017 and were in the top three for contributions to the kernel for a few years back when they were getting WSL working.

EEE won’t work with anything that’s GPL’d because MS are forced to release the full source code for any and all contributions.

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@Head_on_a_Stick, thanks for the explication clarity.

Do you mean Docker? I screw around with it from time to time. If you have a docker group you can get the containers to run in root privilege. The docker daemon communication to the outside is also unencrypted by default. Docker containers should run agnostic to OS. Your i3statusbar should not pick up your system info in a docker container. The idea of least privilege is one of security’s best practices.

I’m totally with @Dobbie03 on this one. We are just in the Embrace and partially Extend phase in MS philosophy and strategy. Too many bad personal experience with them already taught me otherwise.
Please do not take this personally because I view you as a great mentor and friend but I was quite surprise you took this position. You warned us not to do internet banking on Linux systems … why? Do you trust MS more? MS is out to make a buck and they have the corporation’s balls. Always have and always will. To make great software to help the masses is only a tertiary point. I was one of the unfortunate deplorables who drank their cool aid too many times for the sake of convenience and it cost me until it was too late.

With this news, I now look for alternatives if we cannot disable this “feature” enhancement.

No, I was referring to systemd-nspawn. But docker is a good example because that relies on CONFIG_USER_NS (user namespaces), which exposes such a ridiculously large potential attack surface that worrying about the relatively minor extra risk added by the changes referred to in the BL forum thread is a bit like worrying about a new hole appearing in the hull of the Titanic as it sinks.

Because the Linux (kernel) developers don’t give a flying fudge cake about security issues and the Linux desktop has a worse security model than Windows or even OS X:

I don’t trust Microsoft at all. I would recommend OpenBSD if security is a concern.

But even that operating system counts Microsoft as one of their most generous financial donors: