So I picked up a neat domain
Makes me think of ArchLabs.

Disclosure: I bought it before I installed ArchLabs.

I also own a couple of other neat domains, but I thought this one was especially cool.

Dunno what I’ll use it for, but does anyone think I’m bonkers for getting it?

2 Likes, cool domain name man.

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Thanks. I think I own too many domains though XD


Good domain name.

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@Xase , wonder if you re some kind of computer guy with some apps , or distros or whatever since you ve got some domains.

Well, I’m trying to start a mediocre hosting business with optional wordpress construction/setup if that counts :D.

Though I managed to snag which is short for my name Jason… AND it also stands for Just Another Search Engine… so I was thinking of starting some sort of search gateway like thing, though I have no clue where to start. On the other hand, I am studying javascript on Udemy currently.

My other favorite is my oldest daughter’s name Americity. is for sale for like 3K or something. So I snagged up cause I wasn’t paying three grand.

A computer guy? I wish I was a computer. Hahah, puns for days. More like an enthusiast though perhaps. I’m too lazy to get professional in any one section. Though I do wish to start studying AI.

Sorry for rambling.

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Catch up with @unix121, he has been working on one.



That s cool ! Will check it out.

Edit: Typo

How about combining the three, the contents that is, and break it up into sections within the one site. Just a thought. :thinking:

@sevenday4 How do you mean? I can be kind of dumb.

@Xase you’re definitely not dumb. I was just thinking of getting the contents from all three sites and putting them in the one site you prefer. Within that site putting the content of the other two sites in its own section within the one site. I’m probably not explaining to well here. But in essence three panels, if the other sites have a different theme or context.

I think I get what you’re saying. More like a portal? I may be off point. But that’s how I’m interpreting what you’re saying. It might be worth it.

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Yes, that’s the word I was looking for! A portal. Boy, am I losing it. That is what happens when you only have two brain cells. :grin:

@sevenday4, lol you bad boy again !

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@altman I didn’t mean that portal! That’s exit only! Get your mind out of the portal!:joy:

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@sevenday4 , lol, no portals for me, too dangerous !

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Yeah, they can be like volcanoes…:grin:

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@sevenday4, lol, you bet !

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