So I decided...why not i3 on plasma?


And that is what I did…it’s not working 100% but I made a little video…it’s boring, there are some pauses cuz my kids bothered me…but it shows where I’m at I think…


Interesting @7im4pple , hope you get it completed to 100%. Then let me know. I kind of like the concept. :thinking:


Will do…it’s pretty usable now, the desktop pager is the only thing giving me issues right now.


Any advatages of using i3 on plasma?


Just more desktop features…but the Virtual Desktops became real buggy. I would set it to 8 and it would keep dropping to one or two. Not sure why it did that…I will play with it more again in the future, now i’m back to just plain ole’ i3


Good old i3 and compton is probably the best way to go.


Too bad. The concept seems interesting, but being too buggy probably not what you want. Oh well @7im4pple, it was a good idea, unfortunately something else has other ideas. But experimenting is part of exploring the possibilities that could be achieved. And I hope you continue exploring and experimenting because you do come up with some fantastic ideas.