So Hungry Right Now!


Good for Breakfast in there !


The traditional (mine anyway) post-hurricane BBQ:


Tasty in there !


@PackRat it’s good to see it not floating on 3ft of standing water.



Pizza ! miam miam


I love pizza!


@Dobbie03. Not alone ! lol


You’re going to need something to wash it down:



lol, you bad boy.Pizza & beer goes well together right !


Man that looks so good, delicious.


This one is always hungry - especially for bacon:


lol, wonder why !



Typical in Spain :yum::yum:


My favorite food and drink. With a bit of cheese and bread, The paradise!!!


Gee, hungry now ! lol Looks good @leonevo .


what exactly is in your pic? smoked meat, sausage or both?

the hoof looks chewy


haha mine too, or the sound of a cheese wrapper.

if we have a holiday turkey on the table, my female dog will “talk” to it


I believe that’s smoked ham/pork - with wine of course. Could get something similar in the Basque restaurants in Nevada.

sweet tooth acting up -


That teapot looks like it is made from chocolate.