So Apparently ArchLabs uses an auto-downloader to boost ratings


News to me.

Anyone else have any ideas what the hell they are on about??


Pretty bold statement to make with zero proof.


Wow, wonder where it s from. Some jealousy here also right.


I have no idea. It’s not a major thing but it is an out right lie.

Would be interested to see their proof.


You bet @Dobbie03


Looks weird, just saw that AL s 54th on Distrowatch right now, wonder what they might think


I’d be more worried about the distros what have shot ahead so quickly… a r c o springs to mind


Lol, good one.


I assume you at least understand what they’re talking about. I do not. @Dobbie03


I have no idea what they are on about. I assuming they think we have a constant download from Sourceforge happening to boost our overall numbers? I’m not sure because as far as I am aware those numbers are legit.

We don’t play silly games like that.


lol, people are funny


Yep, funny & not at the same time.


Let’s all make wild accusations with no proof…maybe he is related to Donald Trump?


lol, another good one ! Another fake news as he s always saying.


Alternative facts!


No point in wasting time on mentally handicapped people.


Quite right there my friend. Quite right.


That or the reviewer is upset that clicking the sourceforge logo on the downloads page goes right to a download, and not this page so they can look at the project information first.


I thought that was pretty standard? Though people do get upset over the smallest things.


I don’t know if it’s standard, but it’s obvious from following the links on your site that the intent of the user is to download the installation media. Shouldn’t be unexpected and a pretty trivial “con” when rating the distro.