Slstatus help

I have spent several hours trying to figure out how & if I should use slstatus to add functionality to my dwmbar… :frowning:

Any help or pointers/ examples are most appreciated. Thank you, too much!

I’ve never used slstatus, I went with dwmblocks. Have you tried it? It’s pretty decent. Luke Smith’s build is a good one

I’ve never tried dwmblocks. Does it work with other window manager bars like i3?

I use slstatus with both dwm and i3. Much less resource hungry than conky.

tbh I’ve never tried it with i3, but it’s pretty low on resources as well

based on this is the, I think it will:

I have dwmblocks read my preexisting scripts here in my dotfiles repo. So if you want my build out of the box, download those and put them in your $PATH. I do this to avoid redundancy in LARBS, both i3 and dwm use the same statusbar scripts.

@manyroads - you can get a look at my desktop and laptop slstatus config.h files here.

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Great pointers… I’ll see what I am able to break. :wink:

Of course you should use slstatus, it’s written by the suckless crew :slight_smile:

It’s pretty simple to use — just clone the repository, copy config.def.h to config.h, edit that file to your tastes then make && sudo make install (or package it up properly). Once it’s installed just add slstatus & to your ~/.xinitrc (or xsession script).

I like to remove the unwanted components and any references to them in slstatus.c & slstatus.h to get the smallest possible executable:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 23K May 12  2019 /usr/bin/slstatus

But that’s probably overkill.