Slow keyboard

Hi there! I installed archlabs last week. Yesterday i changed the default keyboard layout settings and know i noticed that if i hold press on any buttons it does not type rapidly. It writes and erases one character per second (while holding one button, if i type fast it works fine) I don’t know where i should check this, could it be something with the keyboard buffers? I changed layout to default and have the same issue.
Im using a Thinkpad E490

Change your keyboard repeat rate, not sure how you got it to be as slow as 1 char/second but I use a really fast repeat rate, the default is 660 25

xset r rate 300 70
# 300 = delay
# 70 = rate

Try that out in a terminal, if you like it then add the command to one of your startup files (~/.xprofile, ~/.config/openbox/autostart, ~/.xinitrc, etc…)



Great! worked like a charm. Yes i dont know either, but i swear it was sloow


I think I put that command in the default configs last release so maybe you just got the default speed again, I know that’s how I feel with the default; it’s sooo slow.